Updated: American political scene is boring in comparison…

…with Russia’s.  Recently, in addition to summit in Vladivostok, the president attended to endangered species. Putin flew a hand-glider leading white cranes (sterkhi), who were bred in captivity, to their new wild habitat.  Putin was imitating their ‘bird leader,’ and at one point was even supposed to wear a beak.  There are very few birds left, and this effort is supposed to portray the president in a very humanistic light.

The Russian blogosphere, however, is laughing, saying the next thing will be the president leading salmon up the stream to lay eggs or that now in addition to secretary bird, we have ‘president bird.’  It is all very well for them to laugh; I can say that political scene in the U.S. is extremely dull in comparison to this.  You may not get much for your tax money, but at least in Russia, you get entertainment and help white cranes ;-)

But then there were amphorae in Black Sea, tigers, leopards too.  All PR.  I suppose it is a matter of a politician’s preference whether they grow cabbage in DC to promote healthy life style or frolick with leopards to raise awareness of endangered species.

What’s next for Russia?  A remake of Dr. Moreau’s island?


Ну а мы что, хуже стерхов? За Путиным, ребята!   // *

putin flies with cranes: Vladimir Putin takes part in an environmental project


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  1. Andrey

    Trigger happy FSB snipers kept a close eye on those birds to make sure they don’t attack Putin and his glider :)

    September 14, 2012 at 12:54 am

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