Obamacare: “This will hurt…”

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There are lots of mean people and sad events in this world, but today none of that matters because CURIOSITY HAS LANDED!!!   // *

Romney’s riches: A Russian perspective

Romney refuses to put his riches at the center stage of the election campaign.  I wonder why.  Probably because he is quite affluent.  The truth is that either candidate cannot complain of being poor.  But somehow this makes Romney look richer.  The Russian perspective on this seems very sensible then:  the one who is richer, will experience diminishing marginal returns from additional wealth; therefore, is less likely to exploit his position for personal gain.  Who said Russians are bad economists?  // *

The Euro crisis has started: Garlic capital flees from Spain

That is way too funny.

“Austrian police said Wednesday they had stopped five Romanians on the motorway with overflowing lorries transporting a whopping 9.5 tonnes… of fresh garlic.

The five men, aged 25 to 37, could not explain where the pungent bulbs came from or prove the load belonged to them and were charged with transporting stolen goods, the police said in a statement.”

The garlic was on the way from Spain to Hungary.  News article here.   // *